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Start trading with us today and get instant access not just to the currency exchange market,
but also to the indices, commodities, oil & gas and many other markets!
Trade like a professional!

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On our blog, we share with you some insightful knowledge, forecasts and financial analytics on a daily basis.
This means that there’s basically no better place to get a clearer picture of what your trading day will look like,
but taking a sneak peak into our company blog!

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Trading Options Are


Start trading and gaining off any volatility happening during the foreign exchange operations!


Tracking the index of any company listed and traded on the stock exchange can be very beneficial for you!


If you’re interested in following the changes of the commodities’ pricings, then this bull market may be your cup of tea!


Precious metals have always been in trading category of its own, due to how big the gain from its volatility can be!


Before the sun sets on the fossil fuels market, let’s trade those and earn some good money while doing that!


If you watch the tendencies that lead to the bond’s value change on the stock exchange close enough, you may earn off of it!

Among other

Forex trading platforms we’re the best!

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Before one of my friends told me about Forex trading and the Tradex platform, I never thought about making money that way. But as soon as I learned more about it I was hooked. 8 months later I earn from 5 to 10k a month, sitting on my couch!

Walter Cronkate

When I went broke and had to close my shop, I had just a small sum of savings left. So what did I do with it? That’s right, I invested all the money I had and became a Forex trader!
Today alone I earned $12k on USD/JPY fluctuations!

Barry White

When I was fired from my favorite job, I was absolutely clueless as to what do I do next. Luckily, my good friend Albert, who was a trader, referred me here. Now I make thousands each week and I am truly happy and independent!

Liam Hemsworth

Payment Methods

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Our trading platform uses a direct order routing system

also known as the STP Model

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Forex: Explanation
from A to Z

Are you a new to this whole amazing world of the Forex trading?

If true, then reading information will help you learn all the basics of the trading and get a first overview of how can you start changing your life for better, starting today!


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